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Gold price recommendations , trading signals and forecasts
Gold price recommendations , trading signals and forecasts
Published: Wednesday, 15 November 2017 18:25
Gold price recommendations , trading signals and forecasts in the global market
according to Daily gold xau usd Technical Analysis from Gold Pattern 
From the middle of last month gold prices are trading in a pattern
similar to the rounding bottom pattern 
And the price of gold rose from the level of 1264, which is
the first bottom in the pattern of the three rising bottoms upward
Gold formed the second bottom near the 1265 level at
the beginning of this month and the third and last bottom were near
Level of 1270, which appeared yesterday on the gold chart
If prices are stable above the 1290 level, the technical gold outlook
is likely to be bullish move to the next rising strength will jump
the price of gold near the levels of 1310 and more
Looking at the gold prices on the hour chart
we find that the high price of an ounce of gold
From 1270 to 1290 represents the first wave of the ABCD pattern
Gold Technical Daily Summary and Gold Outlook
Prefer to buy gold on the World Gold Exchange
This is why Gold pattern is offering a free instant live  buy
gold trading signals recommendation
buy @ 1276
tp1 @ 1290
tp2 @ 1300
sl @ 1269

Category: Gold Signals
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