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Free gold trading signals on mobile, e - mail and on the whatsApp
Free gold trading signals on mobile, e - mail and on the whatsApp
Published: Friday, 23 March 2018 11:47
Gold pattern is a British company that offers gold trading recommendations free daily 
and offers a special offer
Free gold trading signals on mobile, e - mail and on the whatsApp free in case of opening a trading account in XM
Gold purchase recommendation sent yesterday
buy @ 1325
tp @ 1339
sl @ 1318
Technical gold analysis and gold buying opportunities
The gold price made a strong bullish wave that rose from the support level of 1307 until it reached the level of 1336
Gold then made a corrective correction until it reached the 1325 level, which represents a 38% retracement of Fibonacci ratios
It is an opportunity to buy as gold is expected to resume its rally again
Summary of Signals gold trading today
Gold is preferred to buy as long as the price of gold is above 1318 targeting the 1339 level of profit
Gold Pattern  presents 
free gold signals  and forex signals  via SMS , Email 
and  online via
free forex signals sms

What makes Forex trading so exciting is that everyone can harness all of their acquired knowledge and skills. The biggest advantage of Forex is that it represents an organic market behind which there is no company or institution to conduct what is happening. This makes it a unique place to test and win through its hypotheses about the world and everything happening in it.

This post will answer the question how a beginner trader can use technical analysis in practice. The technical analysis consists of a set of mathematical indicators such as oscillators, sliding averages and others.

Moving Averages are trend-type indicators. They help identify the strength of the trend, as well as changing its movement.
التداول في العملات
In turn, sliding averages are several types: simple MA, weighted MA, and exponential MA. Ordinary sliding average is calculated by finding an arithmetic average for prices for certain time intervals. Ordinary MA = (P1 + P2 + P3 + ... + Pn) / n, with all the price implications for the defined time limits equal in weight and weight for the calculation of the sliding average. Exponential MA is calculated as follows: EMAtoday = {P1 + (1-a) P2 + (1-a) 2 * P3 + ... + (1-a) a) + (1-a) 2 + ... + (1-a) n-1}. The significance of past time intervals decreases as a rule for determining the current EMA.

The weighted sliding average creates more bulk weight and meaning of the more recent cost, decreases the weight of the specified time interval by departing from the current one. It is calculated by the formula: WMA = {n * Pn + (n-1) * Pn-1 + (n-2) * Pn-2} / (n + n-1 + n-2). The odds between the individual sliding average types are not significant. All of them are designed to determine the trend.
تداول العملات للمبتدئين
The next mathematical indicator in the technical analysis is the oscillators. They serve the trend trend signals and indicate when the market is overestimated and profitable to sell, and underestimates and is more profitable to buy.
It is good to know that any indicator, whether it be a component of a technical or communicative analysis, including oscillators, can not rule out false signals that may cause unfavorable financial results. In other words, the market may be long overdue or over-sold.

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