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Gold Technical Analysis for long term and trading signals free
Gold Technical Analysis for long term and trading signals free
Published: Saturday, 09 December 2017 19:26
Gold Technical Analysis On the daily Farm, from one year from now,
gold has formed a bullish uptrend which started from The 1120 level
and the gold price broke the long term uptrendline near the 1260 level
which is an early signal of the reversal of the long term bullish trend

A technical analysis of the medium term indicates the emergence of the measured move pattern
AB = CD And the first wave of the pattern strarted from the level of 1357
until it reached the level of 1260
And the second wave rebounds from around 1300 level and is expected to close near the 1210 level

Technical gold price forecasts suggest that gold prices may continue to fall 
To near the 1210 level which represents a significant support level over the medium term

Gold trading strategy and gold price outlook over the medium term
Prefer to sell gold in the medium term as long as the price of gold below the level of 1260
Targeting the 1210 level of profit-taking
Gold Pattern  presents 
free gold signals  and forex signals  via SMS , Email 
and  online via
free forex signals sms


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