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gold signal and XAU USD technical analysis
gold signal and XAU USD technical analysis
Published: Wednesday, 08 November 2017 19:02
Free gold daily technical analysis , gold price forecasts and outlook
via gold pattern Mobile text messages and e-mail
Technical Gold Technical Analysis Today, the bullish Measured moved AB = CD has appeared on
The chart of the price of gold since last trading last month and so far
The pattern began to rise from the 1264 level until the price of
gold reached 1284 and formed accordingly The first wave 
The last wave or second man formed from the level of 
1265 until the price reached the current level of 1286
The correlation between the first wave and the last wave can be
observed, which represents a sell-off
Gold near the 1286 level is approaching an important high
The gold or gold analysis and the analysis of the price models
indicate the chances of gold continuing to decline
For this reason, Gold Batrn offers a recommendation to sell gold immediately, free and direct
sell @ 1286
tp1 @ 1272
tp2 @ 1262
sl @ 1293
Category: Gold Signals

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