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Gold Technical Analysis from Gold Pattern - Athar dewidar - 12-25-2017

Gold Technical Analysis from Gold Pattern
Published: Saturday, 23 December 2017 18:48
Gold Technical Analysis from Gold Pattern
Although the trading and technical analysis of gold and currencies during the month of December is
marked by many fluctuations because of the end of the year
There is a group of technical gold indicators that should be mentioned today in the technical gold analysis
The most important of these is that the price of gold formed the correction zigzag pattern or measured move price pattern during the rise from the level of 1236
Second gold technical indicator , the rise in gold over the past two weeks represents
a correction of 62% of Fibonacci ratios
Thirdly gold indicator , the price of gold approaches the bearish trend line over the medium term and
if the bearish trend line plays the role of resistance that will push gold price down 
The daily gold technical outlook suggests that gold may resume the medium term bearish trend
Gold Technical Analysis today and gold price outlook from Gold Pattern
Gold is preferred to sell as long as gold is below the falling trend line and below the 1280 level targeting 1260 and 1240 for next bearish wave 
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